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Avaya 3645 Repair Service

Do you need an Avaya 3645 repair or refurbishment? Contact us at PowerTech for dependable, affordable service. You can count on us for the fastest repairs at the lowest prices. Call or email us for convenient phone repairs for your Avaya 3645 wireless handset.

Expert Avaya 3645 Repair Service with Fast Shipping

Dealing with a phone that will not work properly can interfere with your plans. At PowerTech, we get phones working again quickly. Below, you will find some of the most common types of issues that we fix on the Avaya 3645 and other IP phones:

● Keypad/buttons not working

● No sound

● No network connection

● Broken/cracked screen

● Battery stops charging

● Does not power on/dead phone

These issues may occur due to liquid damage, such as spills. Phones can also suffer damage when dropped or crushed. No matter the cause, we can refurbish your phone so it can enjoy many more years of use.

Avoid Replacing Your Phone with Avaya 3645 Repairs

The main reason to consider using Avaya 3645 repair service is to avoid replacing your phone. The Avaya 3645 is a costly piece of equipment. Even a used Avaya 3645 phone can cost several hundred dollars.

The Avaya 3645 IP wireless handset was designed for use in offices and industrial settings. It includes a built-in speakerphone and a 128×96-pixel display. The speakers and display are prone to damage if the phone is dropped or left in extreme environments.

The battery is another component that may stop working properly after years of use. For example, the battery may fail to hold a charge. You can depend on the team at PowerTech to diagnose the problem and fix it swiftly.

Benefits of Avaya 3645 Repair Services from PowerTech

At PowerTech, we have over 15 years of experience repairing telecommunications equipment. We know what to look for, how to replace parts, and how to restore almost any phone to like-new condition.

Discover the value of our repair and refurbishment services:

● Repairs backed by a two-year warranty

● We offer fast turnaround for most repairs

● Free shipping in the United States

● Affordable prices for Avaya 3645 repair services

We can restore your Avaya 3645 phone. You simply need to contact us to request repairs and then send us your phone. We typically complete the repairs in just one or two business days and promptly send your phone back to you.

Contact us today for Avaya 3645 repair service!

Repair Process

How Does It Work

The whole repair process with PowerTech, Inc. is very simple and it can be described in the steps below.

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Please contact us at: for RA# prior to shipping your defective phones

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Send defective telecom equipment to us along with a REPAIR FORM to us. We will fix it shortly.

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We will send your repaired phone to you. Our turnaround time is 1-2 busness days.